Back on track πŸ˜Š

I’m going to start blogging every day from now on. I’m going to try my best at blogging every day. I still promise you guys I will write a story for you. I promise. I’ve just been so lazy. Today has been alright. I did a bit of work on my loomband bouncy ball πŸ€. Then I had lunch. I ordered dominos pizza. I love pizza πŸ• I had cheese and tomato. Then after that I went up stairs and tieded my room. The quickest way to tidy your room when your lazy is to put a timer on everything your going to do. Such as 3 mins to make your bed, 10 mins to put your shoes neatly away …  So then you are tidying in a more of a fun way because your against a clock. Then after that I went to spar to go buy two cans of coke. I took my book so I could read. I’m reading geek girl because I left my book at at my nans. I nearly got killed. I’m just going to say don’t walk across the road reading. My eyes where literally fixed to the book. It’s a good job I know my way off by heart. But when I was crossing a road I heard someone beep and breaks shreaching. I looked and I saw a car like right next to me. The person was swearing at me. The person must of been speeding. I hear lots of people slam on on that road but they never screech. Or his breaks are nackered. Then after that my friend on my street asked me to hang out with her for a bit. So I did. We sort of trespassed.  We went to this stable which your only aloud in if you work there or you’ve gone to ride a horse. But we did neither. We went to go stroke the horses. They are super cute. One is called Izzy. She is my favourite. Obviously because she’s named after me. Then we left and started heading to this park but changed our minds and went to this private farm on our estate. Our estate is like rich. I’m like the poorest. πŸ˜‚ the stables is on our estate, we have a private farm and a park. What more do you want. The farm was obviously closed. But we went to look at the cows. We heard a tractor on ran. Because again we trespassed. Then we went to the park. I was sat on the swings. We weren’t swinging but just sat. I swear I fainted. I felt my head go fuzzy then I opended my eyes and I was on the floor with the swing swinging. My friend said that she just saw me fall off. It was only for a couple of seconds if I did. But it’s not the first time that happened. When I was with my mum my little sister had a stomach bug and was sick all night so my mum walked into my room said it’s time to get up because I was asleep and it’s was quite late. So I stood up and my mum said be quiet because your sister has been sick all night. Then my mum went down stairs and I just collapsed on this pile of boxes. I felt my he’d go light for like a few seconds and my mum said she heard a bang and she shouted up saying be quiet but I didn’t reply so she went up stairs  why and saw me on a pile of boxes. When I opened my eyes my mum said why are you there and I was clueless. I fought I was still dreaming. My sister woke up and said what was that bang and I felt my head go fussy. And according to my mum she was having a conversation whit me but then I stopped replying and my eyes rolled into the back of my head and then my head started slowly going backwards and I fell  onto my door and walked my head. The she said I started to fit a little on the floor. When I opened my eyes I was hyperventilating and got really worried and confused. My mum started crying thinking I’ve got epilepsy because my uncle has it. So my mum said she’s going to take me to the doctors. But she called her mum to look after my sister. Then she phoned my dad telling him what happened. By then I calmed down until my mum started crying again on the phone and then I got upset. Then my sister started crying because she saw me faint the second time. When I went to the doctors they said that there wasn’t enough air going to my brain so that’s why I fainted but I should of stayed led down instead of standing up. That why I fainted the second time. So that’s why. Then after I went out I just chilled and watched ER. I didn’t wring my mum to tell her I think I fainted because I could of just fell really quickly and you know when you close your eyes when you fall  maybe that’s what happened so I might of not fainted. Well I feel fine now. Bye πŸ‘‹ I hope you enjoy listening to my life. If you have anything I could improve on what is it ? I would really like to know because that will make it better for you guys. Bye πŸ‘‹πŸ₯”πŸ₯”πŸ₯”πŸ₯”πŸ₯”


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