Failed 😫😫😫😭

Yesterday was a really good right up until now. I didn’t blog yesterday. I’ve been having too much fun. I went to this place which is similar to wipe out but isn’t like a TVs program. That was at lunch. In the morning I slept in. I love my bed it’s like the best place […]

Good day 😊

This morning I got up and face timed my boyfriend and we were talking for ages. When his friend came he went to his room and told his friend to leave because he wanted to talk to me. We talked for ages after that until his friend was fed up and started to make fun […]

A magical day 😊

Today was a really fun and good day. Sorry if this is really late but ive been on FaceTime to my boyfriend. This morning I slept in. It was actually really late for what I usually get up at. When I did get up I went on my iPad and watched the usual WENGIE and […]

Boring day 😴

What is it with me in having fun. Like today I didn’t even watch YouTube videos I just sat in my room all day. I can’t even have anything to tell you. But my goal is to blog every day this month so I’m going to complete that. That story I said I will do […]

Potato life 🥔 

I have been board today like literally board. I have sat there watching YouTube videos again. I tried drawing a picture today to show you guys forgetting I really can’t draw and it didn’t look good. Disappointed. What has my life become. But being a potato isn’t all bad 🥔 like who doesn’t like eating […]

YouTube crazy 😜🥔

What up guys. Sorry for not posting earlier i woke up quite early so I was very tired 😴 I went on my iPad and sat watching YouTube videos. I was watching kyutie she is amazing 😉 I really wanted to subscribe but when I did it said something like you need a YouTube channel […]

Climbing hill 😽🙌

Today because it was sunny ☀️ I decided to climb a hill. I always fought it was a mountain but its not big anough to be a mountain 😂 it took 2 hours to get up there. I really enjoyed it. I went with my mum 👩🏼 and my sister 👧🏻 what have you guys […]