This morning ☀️ 

this morning I did a musically and I waited for someone to like it 😂 then I kept checking my musically 🎶 then all of a sudden I had 8 new likes on the post ❤️ so I went to go check it out and see who’s liked my musically and someone with a crown liked my musically 👑 I don’t know what the crown on someones musically means ❓ do you ? If you do please tell me because at first I fought it was someone famous ? Don’t know why 😂 just I fought it meant they where VIP which I thought was a famous person 👩‍💻  right so I know this is a short blog but I have to go 👋 I would of carried on but I have nothing else to say 😂 please give me ideas of what to blog about ❤️ bye guys blog to you tomorrow 👋 #morning